Welcome To Flora Roja

Flora Roja is a community wellness center. At the heart of our center is our community acupuncture clinic. We our dedicated to bringing affordable health care to our whole community.

Inspired by Working Class Acupuncture of Portland Oregon and their community based model, we opened our doors in Jan of 2010 to join the ranks of community acupuncture clinics that are opening up across the country. By treating multiple people at a time in a small group setting we are able to offer treatment for a very affordable rate. Our treatments are based on a sliding scale rate.

For more information about community acupuncture check out POCA.com

 You pay $15-$35 per treatment, with an additional $15 intake fee (first visits only) you decide how much you pay based on your budget.

 In this way we are able to separate the issue of money and treatment and most people will be able to afford this type of traditional medicine.

In keeping with our mission of offering affordable health care we have recently expended to open an herbal apothecary and kitchen/classroom.

Our Apothecary carries over 200 organic herbs, teas and spices along with a large selection of supplies for all you herbal medicine making and herb crafting needs. Oils, clays, salts, bottles, jars, essentials oils are only some of the things we carry. We have a small but growing line of our own herbal products and some great handmade items from local crafters. We also have books on herbs, natural health care, healthy living and much more. We want to support you, not only by offering affordable acupuncture treatments, but also by sharing our knowledge and wisdom together.

Our class room is offering a variety of classes in natural healthcare, natural living topics from herbal classes, to healthy cooking to natural home care and body care products.

Check out our calendar for upcoming classes and events!

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User Reviews

This shop is amazing. A great selection and wonderful help!
Jennifer Repass , Twice Born Design
What a wonderful place! Thank you, beautiful women, for fixing me up today, both physically and with many good things to share. ♥
Pam Lowe Greenway, Youngevity
Fantastic place. Great balance of loving energy.
Gary McCullough , Local Resident